Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Catch up!

Here are somepictures to get you all (the 2 of you who actually read this blog!!!) caught up -

Emma eating her "bawbewwies" - strawberries. One of her favorite foods. She loves all fruit and hates veggies. She tries almost everything though, especially if she sees someone else eating it. She is is such a good little eater. And talking so much - her new vocab consists of - mine (new today!), thank you, and here go. She understands so much now and answers us.

Making cookies with Gamma and Aunt Darcey. Jack looked forward to this all week. He was covered in flour and had the best time.
Loved the green frosting!

Uh, we have a couple new additions. Scratchy and Shakey. A moment of weakness! 2 bunnies. Like I need more to take care of, it's already like a zoo around here. Jack really enjoys them though. One may be finding a new home soon though because they are in the same cage outside(my nice neighbor built them a hutch and put straw in it and built them a box filled with straw to keep them warm) and I think they may be fighting, today there was a bunch of loose fur in the cage. We cannot have fighting! I made Derek set up the dog kennel inside so we can bring them in but they are so messy so we only did that once :o)
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