Sunday, October 24, 2010


Emma has been saying the funniest things lately.  She always keeps us on our toes ;o)  Afew weeks ago her baby doll was stuck in it's highchair and she told Derek "I can't get my freakin' baby outta this high chair" then later that day (after Derek told her she shouldn't say freakin) she said "daddy, I said freakin baby again".    We are working on her going #2 in the potty (instead of a diaper) so one day she went potty by herself then came and got me and said "mommy, I dropped a turd in the potty".  Real cute.  But she really did so we had a potty dance party!  Then yesterday I told her to poop in the potty and she says "that would be great, but I'm not gonna do that".  For some reason she is very interested in skinny jeans right now.  This morning she felt my pants and said "mommy, do you have on skinny jeans?" then at church we had to ask out favorite babysitter is she has skinny jeans.  She is precious!!!

Saturday, October 23, 2010

sad day

Yesterday Lucy died.  It was so sad.  We had to have her put down.  She has always had health problems then last week she was dianosed with diabetes.  So on top of the 4 other meds she was getting twice a day I had to give her insulin injections twice a day too.  Yesterday she woke up and was not doing well so I took her to the vet and she was very sick.  Poor girl.  I miss her.  Derek and I got her right after we were told we would never be able to have children .  She was a year older than Jack.  She was my girl...


Ok, so here is what has been going on with us the last couple months.  Derek started a new job at work - he is in training to become a licensed operator, the same thing he did in Michigan before we moved.  He is excited for the change.  My mom and gary got married - what a great time that was!  Here is a pic from the day but I will do a seperate post with more pictures later.  My laptop got a virus last week but thankfully our friend was able to get it fixed and saved all our pictures.  Yes, I have ALL the pictures from the wedding on my computer and no I did not back them up.  Oh Lordy I'm glad I didn't lose those pictures!  Don't tell my mother!!!  Jack started 1st grade.  He is getting so big.  Just got his first report card of the year and he did great.  He got "exceeds grade level" in all the math sections.  Obviously he takes after me.  He also started piano lessons - apparently he is pretty good.  He really likes to play and we even got a free piano - can't beat that!  Emma started preschool.  It was a little rough at first since she doesn't want to leave my side right now.  But now she loves it!  She is a pistol - I'll do a whole post on some funny things she's been saying lately.  I had surgery again, it was minor and went well but of couse it got infected.  I'm fine now though.  We got a new puppy last month - a Yorkie.  Derek named him.  Leroy.  He is so cute!
He is fitting in just great!  Although he runs from everyone but me ;o)  .  At night he sleeps curled right up by my face, he only weighs 3 pounds so I hardly even know he's there.  Let's pray that Derek doesn't roll over on him...
Let's see what else is going on?  I guess that pretty much is it.  we are enjoying Fall, although it has been hot here lately.  this weekend is perfect Fall weather though.  we are working in the house and relaxing - love it! 

The boy

Jack too!

I know, I know. It's been a long time!

I am planning on catching up on the blog a lot this weekend.  So much has been going on in the last 2 months!  I will post as I can.  in the meantime, here is a picture of Emma.  She is such a girlie girl.  She wants her picture taken all the time ;o)

Thursday, August 12, 2010

just a cute picture of the girl

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The ballerina

Guess who started dance class yesterday? Too sweet! Emma is in a class that teaches ballet and tap and then in June she has a recital and has 2 numbers. So of course we had to get her a pink leotard and tights and ballet shoes and tap shoes and she needed that precious skirt ;o) She was real shy at class at first and held the teachers hand a lot but by the end she warmed up. She had fun. I think the dance steps aunt Darcey taught her will help! I was able to watch her from a tv screen outside the room. There is no window to watch them so I couldn't take any pictures - bummer...
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Friday, August 6, 2010

Who invited them?

Um, don't be so excited to be at the party girls! These are my girls Darcey and Amy. They are real party animals... Love them
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birthday party

Here are some pictures of the birthday party. I wish I would have gone around and taken pictures of everyone, but I ran around like crazy. I think I need to show Derek how to use the camera ;o) The kids had a great time, it was like Christmas with the presents! We tried to make them take turns and open one at a time but they were so excited! It was hard to keep track of what everyone gave them! Thanks to everyone that came. And to those of you that gave my kids things like Mountain Dew and silly string and bath foam and anything else messy and full of sugar, I will get you back!!!
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the birthday kiddos

Here is a pic of Jack and Emma on their birthday. A 7 year old and a 3 year old. Time flies ;o)
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My bestie

My bestie Michelle and her hubs Jason and little girl Makayla came last weekend for the kids birthday party. They live in Michigan and we don't get to see them enough. We had a great time with them. I don't know what I would have done without all their help for the party. They are expecting a new baby in December and just found out it is a boy. I wish I would have taken more pictues of them! I miss you guys!!!!!
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the girl

Is this the sweetest face ever? This was on her 3rd birthday, one week ago. I am so thankful for Emma. One time she said to me "God gave you to me mommy". I have always told her that and it is just about the sweetest thing I have ever heard. I can't believe she is 3 years old. It just seems like yesterday that we were holding her in the hospital. And now she is wearing her backpack telling us she is going to school. I need a kleenex. for about a minute until she wakes up and poops in her Dora panties. Back to reality...
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vacation bible school

We had VBS at our church a couple weeks ago. I taught 4th grade and Jack and Emma went too. They had a great time. It was a little hard for Emma to be away from me at first but then she loved it. At the dinner table the week after vbs she out of the blue said "who believes in Jesus has eternal life". Derek and I just about fell out of our chairs! Those little ears really do absorb what they hear! She said she learned it from Mrs. Coulter her teacher. Ugh, it makes me teary just thinking about it!
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chez poulet

Aka Sanford and son chicken coop! So here is our chicken coop and run. I'll post some more pics of the chickens next week. We have a rooster and it is so neat to hear him cock-a-doodleing! We have 8 chickens total now, we had a death Sunday we think due to the heat and humidity. Jack thinks we need to add to the flock every time we lose one but I think maybe 3 or 4 chickens may be a good number for us ;o) They are fun though and it will be great once we start getting eggs.
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Monday, July 12, 2010


Chris and Christie had us over for a cookout a few weeks ago and I thought these pictures were cute. Except fot the one with Brice getting tired of me taking pictures of him ;o)
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look who's gettin' hitched!

That's right, my mom is getting married! She caught up with a man from her past (and there have been many let me tell you! wink, wink) and we are so happy for them. Gary is such a great man and I love seeing my mom so happy. The kids are excited too - they absolutely love Gary. Derek is excited - Gary has Derek's dream job - he works at a brewery ;o) Gary lives in Florida and has come here to visit a few times and just fits right in - he is a little nutty just like all of us! Congratulations mom and Gary!
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Okay, geesh

Okay already - I'm finally updating the blog! There is so much to post so I will start with the most recent, Fourth of July. Derek's dad and Nancy had a party on the lake. It was a pretty day and we had a great time. Emma was scared of the fireworks though ;o)
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Thursday, June 10, 2010

I don't want to complain, but...

The genius that came up with the idea of summer vacation from school was obviously a man with a full time job..  My kids are fighting nonstop!  I hope this doesn't last or we are gonna have a loooong summer!  I guess it doesn't help that now I have the stomach flu.  Calgon, take me away!!!

Thursday, June 3, 2010

under the weather

Well, I had my gallbladder removed yesterday. I am doing well. As you can see by the picture Derek took of my belly today, I still have a little healing to do. I will be back to normal soon though ;o) I just hate all this flab... As soon as I am able to sit in an upright position I will try to get this blog updated!

Friday, May 28, 2010

busy, busy

Okay, finally at the insistence of all my fans (all 3) I am blogging again! We have been so busy - soccer, t-ball, chickens (yes chickens!), a chicken coop, a new garage for Derek, our 16 year anniversary, planting a garden and tons of flowers, lots of visits from family and friends and gallbladder attacks. Geez, I'm tired just thinking about it all ;o) Anyway, here is a real quick recap but I promise to sit down early next week (before I have my gallbladder removed Wednesday ;( ) and try to add some more posts with pictures. Here are the 3 chicks we got a few weeks ago. Don't get too attatched, there was an unfortunate incident last night and only 1 is remaining. But, our neighbor who gave us the chicks is bringing over 4 more today and then I ordered 6 more to be delivered next week. It looks as if a stray cat got the 2 chicks out of the coop - so Derek fixed the coop and now we are training our pest control team to take care of the cat with his bb gun! Not really, kinda, sorta, maybe... So, Jack is done with soccer but now is playing t-ball. Um, he has his mother's athletic ability! Thankfully he also has his mother's charm, wit and good looks so he will be fine!!! He will be done with school next week, he's ready for a break. Emma is her usual very busy self. She is always moving and talks to herself all the time! So, Derek built me a Chicken coop for my anniversary present - how romantic! I love it though - do you believe I have chickens? Me? who does not like to get dirty, or sweat? We will just see how this goes!!! Well, enough for now - we are going outside to do our "chores"! Talk to you all soon. Have a wonderful Memorial Day weekend everyone!
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Monday, April 19, 2010


Here are some pictures of the kids before church yesterday. Um, Jack's teeth are coming in nicely... Anyone have the number for a good orthodontist?

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Hot tub time

Saturday was such a nice day. The weater was beautiful, Jack had his first soccer game and we had a cookout. We spent the whole day outside. Love it!
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It's not whether you win or lose it's how you play the game

Ok, maybe it isn't just how you play the game, it's if you like it!!! So Jack had his first ever soccer game Saturday morning. He loved it! He is no soccer superstar let me tell you - but he had a great time. It was cold and windy - but he hung in there. He even got to be goalie - if you want to call it that! This child is in no hurry!!! I think he has one speed, snail ;o) He lokes siccer better than t-ball. I think because he gets to move a lot whereas t-ball he pretty much just stands around. Derek is also helping coach, which Jack thinks is pretty neat too. Emma sat on Grandma's lap all bundled up the whole time. Grandpa Chris came too and David, Amy and Maddie. Afterward we had a cookout and got in the hot tub for the first time this year. The kids loved it. Emma kept getting out and climbing back in. They were pooped. I'll post some more pictures of them in the hot tub next. Jack has a game every Saturday for the next 5 weeks. I think he did great for his first time out - I'm so proud of him! I took a ton of pictures - but the lens I have for my camera won't zoom in enough so I didn't get very many good ones. A new lens would make a great Mother's Day present...
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Friday, April 16, 2010

Happy Friday!

It's Friday!!!! Hooray! We have a busy weekend as usual. Today we went to the park with some friends - Emma is worn out ;o) Tonight a cookout and bonfire at Jes and Jeremy's. Then tomorrow is Jack's first soccer game. He is so excited - Derek is helping out with the coaching and Jack is loving it. Afterwards we are having a cookout and we may even get in the hot tub for the first time this season, not pretty.... Then Sunday hopefully rest! Hope you have a great weekend. I will have lots of pictures to post next week!
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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Girl's only!

Saturday my sister Kelly came over and painted Emma's nails. Emma loved it! She is such a girlie girl. Thanks Aunt Kelly!
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when did this happen?

When did my baby start looking like a big boy? Don't like it at all...
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