Thursday, February 26, 2009


I am getting frustated! I download all of my photos using Picasa and then put them on my blog through Picasa too. I am having major problems with Picasa right now - it is losing my pics and won't let me get on Blogger. I am also having problems acessing Picasa. So, I will have my technical team (Derek) look into this and hopefully we will get this resolved soon. I have some good pictures to post!
This morning Jack wanted me to play with him but Emma was crying for me so I held her and I told Jack that he was old enough to entertain himself. He said "no I'm not, and I don't even know what entertain means anyway!". So Jack!

Tuesday, February 24, 2009


Due to technical difficulties - I lost all my photos from the weekend, grrr - and 2 sick little kiddos, I will not be updating the blog for a few days. Jack has an ear infection and Emma has a viral infection. Not much sleep and a whole lotta cryin - and that's just me, you should see the kids!

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Pearly whites

I got miss Emma a new toothbrush and toothpaste this week. Every time we go into the bathroom (I haven't gone to the bathroom by myself for 5 and a half years by the way!) she gets out her toothbrush and wants to brush her teeth. When I gave her this toothbrush she tried to turn it on, her brother has one that makes music so she thought hers did too. She is way too smart.
She is talking so much and imitates everything her big brother does. She says "yets" (yes) all the time, "peas" and "tank ooh". When she wakes up she says "mommy, I neeeeed oooooh" and if she is looking for someone or one of the animals she says "where awww ooooh". Ugh, I just love her...
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Fu man chu

Somebody likes pudding!
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time with dad

Jack "helped" Derek with some work in the house and afterwards they made this guy. Jack just loved it.
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rut roh

"how do I get this stuff out of here? This is what makes my mommy think she can sing and dance so good!"
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Sunday, February 15, 2009

new kicks and a warning

looksie what miss Emma got - how ca-ute are these?!!

Also, I don't recommend reading my previous post if you have had anything to drink - not sure what happened but I went a little googly eyed trying to read it!
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Happy Valentine's Day!

Hope you all had a good Valentine's Day - we did! Grandma came this weekend and brought Valentine's gifts for the kiddos. Jack finally got the Bendaroos he has been seeing on tv and wanting for-ev-er! Thanks Grandma-now he will not ask for them every single time the commercial comes on. I told him he had to save up his $$ for them if he wanted them because they were expensive, so when Christie gave them to him Jack asked her how much they cost! Emma got the cutest little musical tea set too. Derek and I got to go out for awhile while Grandma stayed with the kids. We had a great dinner. Thanks Gamma ;o)
In honor of Valentine's Day here are 10 things I love (besides my hubby, kids, family, dogs, cat,yada, yada, yada....)
Wild Cherry Pepsi
Vera Bradley anything
My cozy huge bed and clean flannel sheets
Hee Haw (don't judge!)
Gain detergent and fabric softener (I need to get a life)
Watching tv in bed
the movie Doc Hollywood
getting my hair done
ok - so I didn't think I was so lame but after seeing this in print maybe I am a total lame-o!!!!!!

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Thursday, February 12, 2009

get over it

Geez oh pete - so Michael Phelps hit a bong, let it go. Don't we have any bigger news today?
We are boring around here this week - can you tell?! No new pictures, no recipes, no cute sayings. Zip....
I am going out today - all by myself ;o) can't wait! Getting my hair did and running errands - all by myself. Did I mention all by myself? that means no kiddos. ahhhhh....all by myself!
Big Valentine's weekend - I'm sure my hubs has something real special planned, he's like that and all, not.

Monday, February 9, 2009

my babies

These are pictures of Jack and Emma when they were 10 months old. Sweet, sweet babies. I just read about a family that unexpectedly lost their 10 month old baby girl. They took her to the Dr. for an ear infection and she never got to come home. She passed away 3 weeks later from cancer. My heart hurts for them. I don't know what I would do without these two blue eyed cuties...
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the pout

Last weekend Darcey, Brice, Christina, Jason and Jaiden came over and we played Rock Star on the Wii - so fun! Jack really likes to play the drums and to sing - but only one song - Eye of the Tiger! So, we just told him it wasn't his turn yet and he brought out the pout - he has this look down pat ;o) and it worked - he got to sing Eye of the Tiger. So cute! Little miss Emma will be singing before we know it. Good weekend - no police!
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Friday, February 6, 2009

ut oh

did you see my previous post? Well, my little future Illinois football player has a new favorite song - His father will kill me!!!!

oh my gaw

this is so funny - remember to pause my music player before you watch

Thursday, February 5, 2009

no pictures please

Mommy - how much do you love me
Jack - forty thousand
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Tuesday, February 3, 2009

cupcake cuties

Today we made yummy Valentines cupcakes. My neice Mia was here and the kids had a ball - but the best part was the frosting ;o) Notice how Emma has on 2 different outfits- -very messy...
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Emma will try anything!!!! I was making salsa and she just picked up this green pepper and bit into it. She liked it and sat eating it for a long time!
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Monday, February 2, 2009

future Illinois cheerleader

Emma wore her Illinois cheerleader outfit for the games yesterday. She looked so cute! Her daddy was so proud!

By the way, if you read my previous post, this is what I will be wearing today ;o)
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the Superbowl and the po-po

We had a little get together for the Superbowl yesterday, really just used the game as an excuse to get together and eat lots of yummy food! We had a great time, until the police showed up!!! Most everyone left pretty early so it was just us and our friends Jason and Christina and their baby Jaedin. So the guys were downstairs watching the game and Christina and I were up with the kids and the doorbell rang. it was maybe 7:30 so I thought this was weird. I went to the front door - no one there. So I think those idiots downstairs are trying to play some joke on us :o) well then I see a flashlight out back on the deck - there is a doorbell there too- so I open the door and there is a SHERRIF!!! I soiled myself, really. So he says -sherrif, wehad a 911 call from this address blah, blah, do you spell sheriff by the way? hmm... back to the story, this guy is pretty easy on the eyes, so the guys are upstairs by now and I invite the hot little deputy (since I can't spell sheriff) in the house and he explains that the call was not made on a regular phone but maybe an old cell or a 911 only phone. So I immediately think of my precious little Illinois cheerleader. But it was not her. thank you lord. So then the hunk of deputy meat says somehow the call was "triangulated" (he said it real sexy farm boy though) to this address. Then he says the dispatcher heard Hannah Montana in the background, and a little giggle and a little voice said 10-4. Uh yah - you need to go next door, to the brand new house, with the 6 year old girl!!! We were dying! The deputy was so nice - and hot, did I mention that? So, today Christina and I are gettin all dolled up, hiring a babysitter and callin 911!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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