Thursday, October 30, 2008

long time no post

I know all of our adoring fans have been on the edge of your seats waiting for a new post (wink, wink) so here it is! I have a little extra time this morning since that sweet little face in the first picture is in major time out for biting his sister. Ugh. He got his mouth washed out with soap for the first time ever, and I used LIQUID soap!!! Yep, squirted it right in. He was gagging so much I was trying so hard not to laugh! I don't think he will bite again. Grandpa and Grandma Nancy came this past weekend to visit and brought the kids some goodies for Halloween. we had a good time. Grandpa Chris came last week and planted a lilac bush in our front yard with some help from Jack . Jack loved making the buch all "cozy" with mulch. We are looking forward to Halloween around here Emma is a flower, Jack a Teenage mutant ninja turtle and Derek is going as a Hobbit. Me, still undecided. I may cop out and just wear my jammies. The other option is Dolly Parton but that is a little bit of a stretch since we look nothing alike :o) and I can't walk in high heels. Well, I guess I will go get the biter out of T/O. I told him he may not be able to go Trick or Treating too - I am going to milk this one all day. I'll post pics os Halloween soon!
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Monday, October 20, 2008

Dance the night away

Here are some pictures from the wedding we went to last weekend. Derek's cousin got married, we had a good time. You may notice there are no pics of Jack. Well that is because he spent the entire evening dancing and running around! I took pictures but they were no good because he never stopped moving! He had such a great time playing with Derek's couisins kids. They were all pooped by the end of the night. Me, I was just poo-poo'd :o) Fun though. Thankfully it ended early, even though (you know me) I wanted it to last longer I was glad the next day that I was cut off, er uh I mean decided to stop drinking by 10:00. Te, he, he! Don't get many nights like that any more. Darcey and I spent a lot of time shakin' our booties on the dance floor, Derek even got out there. Emma was good, considering she didn't have a nap all day! She was all over the place. I have a video of Jack dancing so I'll have to figure out how to post that for your enjoyment. He has his father's dance moves down pat!! Although by the end of the night I was not exactly - insert name of a good female dancer here, I can't think of one!. Thank goodness most people left early! Story of my life.
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Thursday, October 16, 2008


Guess what we made today? Halloween cupcakes. Emma loved them! Can you tell?! Jack and I made them, he loves to cook. We have been so busy lately, it is hard to find time to update my blog.

Here is my recipe for Pasta with Clam Sauce (Sorry I forgot to take a picture)
1 stick butter
1/2 cup olive oil
1 tbs chopped garlic
Saute above for about 5 minutes then add,
1 can drained baby clams
2 cans undrained baby clams
3/4 cup dry white wine (chardonnay is good)
salt and pepper to taste
Bring to a boil then reduce to medium heat so it can cook down a little bit. Cook for about 20 more minutes then add lots of chopped fresh parsley. Serve over cooked pasta - I like Angel hair. Top with shredded parmesan cheese. So good. This is one of my favorite dishes.

I never measure anything when I cook so it is hard for me to come up with measurements for these recipes. Everything is approximate.
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Sunday, October 12, 2008

Pumpkin Patch

Happy Fall y'all!
We went to the pumpkin patch yesterday. We had so much fun. It was a great place for the kids. Jack got to shoot a corn cob out into a field, both kids got to ride this neat train and there was a petting zoo and a big bouncy jumpy thing . Then Jack went to a party with his Gamma & Gampa and we had friends over for supper. We were all tired! Hope you enjoy the pictures. We had a busy weekend as usual, but it was so nice. I'm ready for Fall weather though - we have the A/C on today, I thought we were finished with that. Tomorrow is my friend Christina's birthday so were are making dinner here, pasta with clam sauce. So I thought I'd post a recipe for it tomorrow. Have a great week!
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Wednesday, October 8, 2008

baby fever

Look who I got to watch this week, our friends Jason and Christina's son - Jaedin. He is so sweet. It is nice to hold a sweet little baby again. Also nice to send him home with his mama so she can be up with him all night :o) I sure don't miss that part! Emma was sooo jealous. She did not want me anywhere near him. Then we sat her down and let her hold him. She has been waiting to get her hands on him, maybe she thinks he is like one of her baby dolls (which she carries all the time). She liked holding him but she sure was happy he left! Jack loves him too. He is great with him.
I tried a new recipe to post but it didn't work out so good so hopefully I will post one tomorrow.
Emma had to get blood taken today so they did a finger prick and she did not even cry! She just let out a little whimper and then was just fine. What a brute!
Jack got his Halloween costume today - a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle. Not my choice. I wanted him to be a hot dog, but noooo. Geez, I wonder why?!
See ya!
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Monday, October 6, 2008

the boy at the park

Here is my big boy at the park. Doesn't he look old? Hate it! He went to the fire station at preschool today then we got Mcdonalds and went to the park. Then we walked downtown and my friend Christina got him jellybeans, made his day!

Do you hear that? Complete silence. The kids are both asleep right now. Aaah.....Time for a little drinkypoo. See what you losers who work all day are missing?!!
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Emma at the park

Today we went to the park. The kids had so much fun. Emma loved the slide, she kept climbing up it.
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Sunday, October 5, 2008

Daddy's little pumpkin

Not too much to report. We didn't make it to the Pumpkin Patch yesterday, hopefully next weekend. I did get a blurry picture of Emma teasing me in our driveway. She was running from me. Jack is at his first big-boy birthday party right now, without his mama :o( He was so excited. Emma is addicted to chips like her brother. She saw a bag of chips at Target and started crying and reaching for them! She is also liking to watch football. We will have NONE of that. I need to get out the makeup and dolls stat!
I'll post a recipe tomorrow. Have a good week!
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Friday, October 3, 2008

pretty bust day

Anybody catch my spelling mistake in the busy day post? Just to clarify, we had a pretty busy day. I also had a pretty bust though :o) I think I better start proof reading my busts - I mean posts!!

Emma and my friend Tammy - how sweet
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The girls
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Jack and Caleb on Jack's bunk bed, they drug (is that a word?) a bunch of toys up there.
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busy day

We had a pretty bust day here today. Jack and Emma had a playdate with some friends. My friend Tammy came over with her kids Caleb and Grace. Caleb is 3 and Little Gracie is about a month and a half older than Emma. It is fun to watch the girlies play together, even if Emma did hit poor Gracie a lot :o) Both of the girls are climbers as you can see from the pic of them in Emma's room. The boys had fun too and kept each other entertained so we hardly heard a peep from them,which was nice. Did I just say that?!! Then we went to Target, my favorite store. I didn't buy Emma any clothes though. Okay, I lied. But she NEEDED a Halloween shirt to match her Halloween hair bow. I mean come on here folks. Look at Emm'a piggie tails - she left them in all day! She looks like a big girl with them though. We are going to the pumpkin patch tomorrow so hopefully I'll get lots of good pictures from that. There is a petting zoo there so I'm sure the kids will have a blast.
Hope you enjoy the pictures and have a great weekend!
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Thursday, October 2, 2008

Critter Gitter

So this morning I was picking up the hallway rug to wash it and look who was waiting for me! Now, it was huge. Kinda hard to tell from this pic, I didn't have much time to zoom as I left miss Emma in the hallway to fend for herself against this creature whilst I retrieved my camera - I have priorities people. In case you are wondering, my priority was to snap a pic for my new blog!! I was screaming the whole time. I used a brick to kill the sucker. Jack refused to look at it! Derek, tonight will you please use the bug spray that has been sitting out in the garage for a month? Puleez?!! I know, it was my own fault, what was I thinking actually cleaning the rug instead of my usual just cleaning the floor around it?!! Company tomorrow that's what.

Emma is soooooo crabbers today, nothing a little shot of Benadryl and a nap won't cure! I hope. I'll have to resort to alcohol if that doesn't work. For me, not her. Well, depends on how bad it is :o) I kid.
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Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Potato Ham Chowder
1/2 lb bacon, fried and drained
1 cup ham, chopped
1/2 cup chopped green onion
1/4 cup butter
Saute above ingredients for about 5 minutes then add 4 medium chopped potatoes.
Add water just to cover potatoes and 2 chicken boullion cubes, salt, pepper and garlic to taste. Bring to boil for 10 minutes.
Reduce to simmer and add 1 cup frozen or canned corn and 1 cup of milk and 1/2 pint half and half. Stir and simmer half an hour.
Top with chives and shredded cheddar cheese.

Emma had a Dr. appt today - she got 5 shots. Poor thing. She was a trooper though. Jack told her it would just hurt a little bit. What a good big brother. She is a little fussy but hopefully will not be feeling too bad tonight. Momma wants to sleep!!! Her checkup went well. She is healthy and in the 50th percentile for height and weight. Man, I'm used to her bruiser brother who has always been off the charts! I guess she is a petite little flower. Well, maybe not the flower part.

I just got a new Johnson's baby wash. I love it. It is the Vanilla Oatmeal scent. It smells so good and seems to be gentle for my kid's dry skin. Those of you with kids should try it :o) I think I will use it for myself too.

I'm glad you all are enjoying this blog, hope I'm not boring you too much! It has been nice to hear from some of you I haven't talked to in awhile.
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