Thursday, July 23, 2009

Shhh, It's a secret...

Looksie what Jack lost today - his first baby tooth! It was so cute, he just pulled it out. He was a little scared and I almost cried (my baby) but now he thinks it is so cool! There is a little peice of gum hanging down and he calls it "the meat"! He looks so cute. He told me I can not tell anyone - he wants to surprise everyone when he sees you! So act surprised everyone!
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Monday, July 20, 2009

our bounty

Here are a few pics of our garden, really Derek's garden - he does most of the work! We love having all these fresh veggies. We planted 24 tomato plants so we'll see how much we love it in a couple weeks!!! Spaghetti sauce, salsa, stewed tomatoes, tomato salad, roasted tomatoes, tomato soup...

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garbage disposal

This little girlie will eat almost anything - she is eating raw corn on the cob here! She loves raw soybeans and peas, fruit, tomatoes and peppers. I'm so glad she is not on the Jack Drockelman diet of hot dogs, string chees and ramen noodles!
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Take me out to the ball game

Last weekend Derek's dad sang the National Anthem with his singing group at the Peoria Chiefs game - so glad we got to go! Jack was a little bored but loved the blue sno cones - can you tell? And he tricked his grandma Nancy into going to the bouncy thing - he is no dummy! He told her he wanted a drink and then just led her to the bouncer! Darcey and I may have had a couple too many brewskis at the game and got to thinking we were in our twenties again! Then we made her boyfriend Brice take us out and drive us home after a "few" more drinkie poohs. We may have been slightly annoying, I'm not sure...
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loose toof

Guess who has a loose tooth?! And guess who can not leave it alone?! But is always messing with it...
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she's crafty

Last week we made crayons - we just unwrapped a bunch of old crayons and melted them in a mimi muffin pan and let them cool and popped them out. The kids had fun and love to color with them. We also made rubber balls but those did not turn out too well, just a messy ball of goo! Of course Jack loved it! I try to do experiments,art projects or cooking a lot with the kids. They love this kind of stuff and I think it teaches them a lot. And gets them off my back...did I say that?!!!

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tutu for the princess

This past weekend was so nice! Saturday we went to Derek's Grandpa's 80th birthday party. His grandpa is such a neat man, gracious and kind, such a great role model. Anyway, he got Emma and Derek's cousin's daughter Sophia each a tutu. So sweet! Emma didn't want to take it off! But I made her so she can wear it on her birthday - which by the way is in just 10 days. I can't believe she will be 2. And Jack will be 6. I don't want them to grow up! I miss my little baby boy who always needed me. And my little princess ballerina has started her terrible two's a little early - some things she likes to say right now: "I don't like that", "come get me" when she wakes up in her crib, "My booty hurts" don't ask me where she got that one!, "I go night night, ba-ba" when she is ready for bed, "Jat, bop it" - Jack-stopit. She is so funny!!!! This week Derek's step dad Chris is coming to paint Emma's big girl room. I am so thankful for him - he is so good to us and he has painted almost our whole house now!! I can't wait for my girlie's pink room ;o)

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Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Aunt Kelly and Uncle Chris

The kiddos and I went to my sister Kelly's house one day and the kids played in the water, they loved it! I love the look on Jack's face when he is running, he always smiles and has his mouth open!

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Jack has done a lot of fishing lately, if you want to call it that. Apparently he just like to go through everyones tackle boxes and play until there is a fish caught and then it is his fish!
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Some pictures

Here are a few new pictures. The first one is the kids at vacation bible school. Emma got to go too this year since I was a teacher. Next ones are Emma and her Grandma Nancy and then Emma helping Grandpa drive the boat. We have spent a lot of time at the lake this summer, it is so nice, thanks Dave and Nancy! Then my children on top of our dining room table, brats!!! Of course Jack is doing his "talk to the hand" pose!

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Fourth of July

Finally I am posting!!! We have been so busy. Jack had t-ball and Emma, well she has started her terrible two's a little early ;o) We had a great Fourth, even with the rain. Emma loved the ladder ball game. We got lots of swimming in on Friday and Sunday. Emma is still a little scared of the water but Jack loves it!

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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

new post

ok - we will see what the day brings. I am planning on a new post later - since we will be getting all our outside stuff done this morning - it's gonna be a scorcher. Yuck. I do not like to be hot. Nope...

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

rut roh

You know it's going to be a bad day when your son tells you' "mommy I just tooted and now I'm all wet". Poor Jack, he threw up a couple times yesterday and layed around all day and even took a nap - not like him at all. He swears he feels fine, but he won't eat anything and I have to force him to drink. We will see what the day brings...

Monday, June 1, 2009


Last Saturday was Jack's first t-ball game. He showed some improvement from last year!
He had a great time though. Next year he will be playing real baseball. Um, we will have to see about that. He'll need a very patient coach...

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the boy

Jack is officially finished with preschool - I am not ready for Kindergarten! I know he is ready and will really enjoy kindergarten, but I will be so sad those first few days. My big boy. Now, if I could just get my little chatterbox outta here for the day I'd have it made!!!!!!
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