Wednesday, May 6, 2009

The zoo

Today we went to the zoo with Jack's preschool class. I shoulda left my kiddos there with all the other animals!!! No, they were good and we had a great time. I like to take my kids to the zoo, the one here is pretty close and is not too big so we can do the whole thing in a couple hours easily. There is a train and a carosel (how is this spelled?!) Emma skipped the train but I put her on the carosel and stood with her, she was scared, but then when we got off she said "again"! She can not make up her mind, I don't know where she gets that from :o) I feel so sorry for those poor animals at the zoo though, I hope they take good care of them at least.
Life as usual around here. We are trying to get our yard in order, flowers planted and hopefully we can do our garden on Friday. I made the mistake of planting 2 types of mint in my flower garden around the hot tub a couple years ago and now it is all over, even in the yard. That's ok though since we can't get grass to grow in the back yard maybe we'll just have mint. it will smell good anyway! My Dad just retired so my sister and I are full of ideas of things he can do (for us!) to keep himself busy. Painting, new screen door...
Derek is busy at work this month, only 1 day off a week so he is tired and the kids and I miss him. Our anniversary is this month, 15 years. I got married when I was 12. Time flies!
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