Friday, May 28, 2010

busy, busy

Okay, finally at the insistence of all my fans (all 3) I am blogging again! We have been so busy - soccer, t-ball, chickens (yes chickens!), a chicken coop, a new garage for Derek, our 16 year anniversary, planting a garden and tons of flowers, lots of visits from family and friends and gallbladder attacks. Geez, I'm tired just thinking about it all ;o) Anyway, here is a real quick recap but I promise to sit down early next week (before I have my gallbladder removed Wednesday ;( ) and try to add some more posts with pictures. Here are the 3 chicks we got a few weeks ago. Don't get too attatched, there was an unfortunate incident last night and only 1 is remaining. But, our neighbor who gave us the chicks is bringing over 4 more today and then I ordered 6 more to be delivered next week. It looks as if a stray cat got the 2 chicks out of the coop - so Derek fixed the coop and now we are training our pest control team to take care of the cat with his bb gun! Not really, kinda, sorta, maybe... So, Jack is done with soccer but now is playing t-ball. Um, he has his mother's athletic ability! Thankfully he also has his mother's charm, wit and good looks so he will be fine!!! He will be done with school next week, he's ready for a break. Emma is her usual very busy self. She is always moving and talks to herself all the time! So, Derek built me a Chicken coop for my anniversary present - how romantic! I love it though - do you believe I have chickens? Me? who does not like to get dirty, or sweat? We will just see how this goes!!! Well, enough for now - we are going outside to do our "chores"! Talk to you all soon. Have a wonderful Memorial Day weekend everyone!
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