Thursday, July 23, 2009

Shhh, It's a secret...

Looksie what Jack lost today - his first baby tooth! It was so cute, he just pulled it out. He was a little scared and I almost cried (my baby) but now he thinks it is so cool! There is a little peice of gum hanging down and he calls it "the meat"! He looks so cute. He told me I can not tell anyone - he wants to surprise everyone when he sees you! So act surprised everyone!
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perkypaula said...

I am surprised!!!!
How are you all doing? Michelle told me about the blog yesterday. Consider yourself found!

Amy Boll said...

Aawww miss my little buddy. Showed David the missing tooth pic! Seems like Jack has gotten so much bigger since the 4th of July. Emma too! Miss you guys