Sunday, February 15, 2009

Happy Valentine's Day!

Hope you all had a good Valentine's Day - we did! Grandma came this weekend and brought Valentine's gifts for the kiddos. Jack finally got the Bendaroos he has been seeing on tv and wanting for-ev-er! Thanks Grandma-now he will not ask for them every single time the commercial comes on. I told him he had to save up his $$ for them if he wanted them because they were expensive, so when Christie gave them to him Jack asked her how much they cost! Emma got the cutest little musical tea set too. Derek and I got to go out for awhile while Grandma stayed with the kids. We had a great dinner. Thanks Gamma ;o)
In honor of Valentine's Day here are 10 things I love (besides my hubby, kids, family, dogs, cat,yada, yada, yada....)
Wild Cherry Pepsi
Vera Bradley anything
My cozy huge bed and clean flannel sheets
Hee Haw (don't judge!)
Gain detergent and fabric softener (I need to get a life)
Watching tv in bed
the movie Doc Hollywood
getting my hair done
ok - so I didn't think I was so lame but after seeing this in print maybe I am a total lame-o!!!!!!

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