Monday, February 2, 2009

the Superbowl and the po-po

We had a little get together for the Superbowl yesterday, really just used the game as an excuse to get together and eat lots of yummy food! We had a great time, until the police showed up!!! Most everyone left pretty early so it was just us and our friends Jason and Christina and their baby Jaedin. So the guys were downstairs watching the game and Christina and I were up with the kids and the doorbell rang. it was maybe 7:30 so I thought this was weird. I went to the front door - no one there. So I think those idiots downstairs are trying to play some joke on us :o) well then I see a flashlight out back on the deck - there is a doorbell there too- so I open the door and there is a SHERRIF!!! I soiled myself, really. So he says -sherrif, wehad a 911 call from this address blah, blah, do you spell sheriff by the way? hmm... back to the story, this guy is pretty easy on the eyes, so the guys are upstairs by now and I invite the hot little deputy (since I can't spell sheriff) in the house and he explains that the call was not made on a regular phone but maybe an old cell or a 911 only phone. So I immediately think of my precious little Illinois cheerleader. But it was not her. thank you lord. So then the hunk of deputy meat says somehow the call was "triangulated" (he said it real sexy farm boy though) to this address. Then he says the dispatcher heard Hannah Montana in the background, and a little giggle and a little voice said 10-4. Uh yah - you need to go next door, to the brand new house, with the 6 year old girl!!! We were dying! The deputy was so nice - and hot, did I mention that? So, today Christina and I are gettin all dolled up, hiring a babysitter and callin 911!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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