Tuesday, April 7, 2009

where we hang

Today we had an Easter egg hunt for the kids in our neighborhood. A few of us have kids the same age so we got them all together today. They had such a great time playing together, which explains how I have time to update my blog today. My kids are so pooped they came right home and are napping! We are going to Gulf Shores Alabama for vacation this week, for 10 days! We can.not.wait!!! This will be the kids' first trip to the ocean. I will try to blog while on vacation to keep you all updated. I know you will all want to see a picture of little miss Emma in her bikini - she only has 6 swimsuits, is that enough? :o) Jack is so excited. Please say a little prayer for us, it is a 14 hour drive. and Emma is quite active. and Jack never stops talking. You get my point, right? Time to get out the Benadryl, I'm just sayin'...

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