Monday, March 29, 2010

Easter with Grandpa and Grandma Nancy

Last weekend Dave and Nancy came and stayed with us. We had a great time as usual - thanks guys! They brought the kids their Easter baskets - they loved them. Of course they did, they like to get presents just like their mom! Emma opened up a gift bag and pulled out the receipt and said "yeah, a reesa!!!". She was so excited to get a receipt! She got an outfit and kept laying it out and re folding it, she also got some baby doll clothes. She has changed and fed her baby at least 5000 times since Saturday! Jack was so excited he got a binder for all of his Pokeman cards. Now we can sit for what seems like forever and look at all his cards with him. Great. Jack had another great report card for last quarter. We are so proud of him. He got I think 7 marks that are above where he should be by the end of this year. And he is already reading above the level expected. So to reward him we took him to the Wal Marts and let hime pick something out. What a painful pleasurable night. He chose a Wii game which I am about ready to trash. While it does keep him out of my hair busy, he proceeds to give a play by play of EVERY detail in the game. I see his mouth moving but all I hear is blah, blah, blah... In other news, wonderful, organized mom that I am - I didn't realize Jack got out of school an hour early last Friday.until he walked through the front door.while I was on the phone for an hour.he walked home from the bus stop all by himself.with the biggest smile I have ever seen.
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Rachel said...

Easter already how fun!
I hear ya about Wii games.. My Corbin is an addict when it comes to Indiana Jones for the Wii.

And don't feel like a bad mom forgetting about early school release.

I once forgot one of my babies I think it was Brinley, in the car while I walked happily into Wal-Mart. I got a cart and felt like something was missing... Talk about BAD MOM!! She was so quiet I totally forgot I had her with me. So I ran back out and got her. She was only in the car for like 2 minutes but that was long enough for Mommy guilt to set in...

Ps. I used the other Wal-Mart entrance as I didn't want the People Greeter to think I was a complete nutter...