Friday, March 5, 2010

Oh, em, geeeeee

Looksie who came to my house yesterday - only the sweetest little baby! and no she does not have a bruise on her forehead - it is my camera. Grrr.... Emma calls Charlotte "my baby Charlotte"! They were so cute together. They were sitting on the floor and Charlotte was just talking to Emma and touching her and looking at her. It was like she was really having a conversation! Look at those blue eyes. Ugh, when I saw Chantelle and Charlotte at my door - and saw those cute little piggies in Charlottes hair I just about died from baby cuteness ;o) I think Charlotte looks so much like my sister. I still can't believe she is a granny, te, he, he!!!! She will kill me for saying granny! We had a good time visiting and my dad came over too, Jack was sad he was at school and missed out.
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Kelly said...

Yep, I'm a granny and luvin' every minute! Someday you'll be a granny too! She does look a lot like me when I was little - I'll have to show you pictures some time.