Sunday, October 24, 2010


Emma has been saying the funniest things lately.  She always keeps us on our toes ;o)  Afew weeks ago her baby doll was stuck in it's highchair and she told Derek "I can't get my freakin' baby outta this high chair" then later that day (after Derek told her she shouldn't say freakin) she said "daddy, I said freakin baby again".    We are working on her going #2 in the potty (instead of a diaper) so one day she went potty by herself then came and got me and said "mommy, I dropped a turd in the potty".  Real cute.  But she really did so we had a potty dance party!  Then yesterday I told her to poop in the potty and she says "that would be great, but I'm not gonna do that".  For some reason she is very interested in skinny jeans right now.  This morning she felt my pants and said "mommy, do you have on skinny jeans?" then at church we had to ask out favorite babysitter is she has skinny jeans.  She is precious!!!

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