Saturday, October 23, 2010


Ok, so here is what has been going on with us the last couple months.  Derek started a new job at work - he is in training to become a licensed operator, the same thing he did in Michigan before we moved.  He is excited for the change.  My mom and gary got married - what a great time that was!  Here is a pic from the day but I will do a seperate post with more pictures later.  My laptop got a virus last week but thankfully our friend was able to get it fixed and saved all our pictures.  Yes, I have ALL the pictures from the wedding on my computer and no I did not back them up.  Oh Lordy I'm glad I didn't lose those pictures!  Don't tell my mother!!!  Jack started 1st grade.  He is getting so big.  Just got his first report card of the year and he did great.  He got "exceeds grade level" in all the math sections.  Obviously he takes after me.  He also started piano lessons - apparently he is pretty good.  He really likes to play and we even got a free piano - can't beat that!  Emma started preschool.  It was a little rough at first since she doesn't want to leave my side right now.  But now she loves it!  She is a pistol - I'll do a whole post on some funny things she's been saying lately.  I had surgery again, it was minor and went well but of couse it got infected.  I'm fine now though.  We got a new puppy last month - a Yorkie.  Derek named him.  Leroy.  He is so cute!
He is fitting in just great!  Although he runs from everyone but me ;o)  .  At night he sleeps curled right up by my face, he only weighs 3 pounds so I hardly even know he's there.  Let's pray that Derek doesn't roll over on him...
Let's see what else is going on?  I guess that pretty much is it.  we are enjoying Fall, although it has been hot here lately.  this weekend is perfect Fall weather though.  we are working in the house and relaxing - love it! 

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