Thursday, March 19, 2009

here's the story

This is our brand new family member, Salem. He has adapted well to us and we are very happy with him. His predecesser on the other hand, not so much!! I think I left off where we could not find our newly adopted cat, Mitchell. We brought him home Monday at 5:30 and did not see him again until Tuesday at 8:30 pm. Guess where he was? Trapped in a wall under the stairs! Derek heard him meowing so we tracked him down -I have no idea why the font changed. I think I might keep this font, well anyway-he was trapped so my 6 foot 5 hubby got under the stairs and took out that part of the wall to reveal just a little part of the little bastard, er I mean poor little kitty. SoI reached in there and tried to pull him out, yah didn't work. Then Derek tried to pull him out, no dice. LB still has his claws and apparently very sharp teeth. He bit Derek on the forearm and it was pretty bad. It bled and started to swell, by the next morning it was bruised and swollen - more on that in a minute. So, we checked on LB a couple more times then went to bed. The next morning Guess where he was? still in his spot. Grrr... So I called the humane society and told them what had happened and they agreed that he was not the cat for us. No shit sherlock. So we needed to get him out so we could take him back, no easy task let me tell you! So they sent someone out and she was able to get him, thank goodness! In the meantime the lady from the humane society said that cats can pass a lot of diseases in their saliva and if you get bit you need to go to the Dr. Well, we can not have Derek getting sick because I need help with all these animals and kids! so I called our Dr. Of course he had to go in and get it checked out - he had to get a tetanus shot and antibiotics - do you believe it?! He gently reminded me that none of this would have happened had I "remembered " to discuss this whole cat thing with him in the first place ;o) So anyway I got my payback - I took Jack, Emma and my 3 year old neice to the humane society to pick out a new cat last night. Not fun! The kiddos were a little coo-coo. But we ended up with a sweet, loving cat. He is about 3, has long black hair and does not seem to be afraid of dogs. Thanks for being understanding of my love for animals honey! I promise next time I get an animal I will discuss it with you just right after it is too late to return it!!!!
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