Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Ready for Spring

Man are we ready for Spring around here. Yesterday was so nice and today the weather is even better. We have spent a lot of time outside - the kiddos love it, and so do I because it wears.them.out. Yesterday Jack had a couple friends over and we had lunch and played outside. Then today my friend Jesica and her baby Aiden came over and we played outside and went on a walk and played outside some more. Emma loves to be outside. I was worried about this summer because she is so busy and has no fear but she has been very good. She just plays in the dirt right along her brother! When we walked in our neighborhood she didn't want to sit in her stroller very much, she walked almost the whole time. We got home and played a little more outside and then it was time to go in, rut roh! She ran from me then when I caught her she said "ba, ba-nigh,nigh". She was a pooped girlie. I can get used to this! Jack was up at 6:30 this morning which meant so were the rest of us, so he has been just a teensy weensy bit crabby. He is laying down right now, I am praying he will sleep his bad attitude and smart mouth away...
So, I am crazy and added to our family yesterday. I took the kids to the humane society and we adopted a cat! I know, just what we need, another animal! The cat chose Jack-he would not leave him alone so that is the one we adopted. His name is Mitchell. We tried to let Jack pick a new name but he is not real creative so we just left it what it was. Would you like to see a picture of our cat? Well, we have not seen him since we brought him home! I took him down to the room where we keep the litter and food, he hid and has been MIA since. I thought Derek may have let him go, so I told him that would not work because they microchip these beasts now so they would just find us! Derek is a little upset because apparently I forgot to discuss this new addition with him prior to bringing it home, oops! I hope Mitchell comes out of hiding soon, we have looked everywhere and can not find this crazy cat! I hope he is not stuck somewhere, but we figure if he was he'd be making a lot of noise. I'll keep you posted;o)

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