Thursday, March 5, 2009

ut oh

Look who else learned "talk to the hand"! She has seen her big brother do it too often and she copies everything he does. Some new things she does, she says, "I do it", she calls her baby Mia (my neice) and she gets her baby all bundled up and puts her in her carrier and she says "bye" and when we ask her where she is going she says " tina's" (my friend Christina's house. Christina took her shopping yesterday and got her some lip gloss (her favorite thing!) and man oh man does she love that stuff! She knows just how to use it too. I'm tearing up, such a proud mommy moment, my 19 month old using make-up ;o) She is such a brute but also such a girlie - love it!
I cleaned out Emma's closet this week and Jack got ahold of her old Halloween costume - he looks so sweet!
We were in Target yesterday and I was buying "feminine products" and Jack said "oh good, you're buying me more of those purple things I like to play with". Rut, roh...

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