Friday, January 23, 2009

big boy

Look at my big boy. I miss my fat little baby! Jack had his Christmas program at school today (finally after 2 postponements). He was Joseph - had a line too. He went right up to the microphone and said it just right. Ca-ute! He's real shy just like his mom. Here he is before the program, and then right after in his Joseph costume and then with his friend Mallory who is in his class and is also our neighbor. He says she is his best friend - not bad huh? :o) He's a ladies man! She is just adorable herself. I guess one of the kiddos barfed on another kid at the end of the program, missed that one. Glad it wasn't my kid!
Oh, for anyone who is worried about my Lucy dog (I know lots of you are!), she is just fine. She had a reaction to something, hives and a red belly, itching like mad - I think maybe Derek poisoned her?! Anywho, I gave her some Benadryl and she is good to go. Did you know Benadryl like knocks you out? and that kids can take it? and did I mention it knocks them, er I mean you out? Hmmm.....May come in handy. I'm just sayin'. Like maybe right now when my precious little girl will.not.take.a.nap. I'm just sayin'......

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