Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Pictures of the day

Do you like Emma's new necklace? She was having fun with my big ol granny panties while I was busy watching the Real Housewives of Orange County - er I mean while I was busy cleaning. Have you ever watched that show though? It is like an accident, I don't want to see but I just can't look away!

We made Texas sheet cake last night since I figured we would be snowed in today (which we are). It is so yummy and the kids really enjoyed "helping"!

Emma was so cute putting lotion on her baby doll. What you can't see is the diaper cream on Emma's mouth and also on her baby's mouth!
So we are homebound today, it is so nice. We are in blizzard conditions and tonight the windchill is supposed to be 30-45 below 0. I am so thankful that we are snuggly and warm in our house. Now, I am a little worried about our little bunnysickles outside...
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Kelly said...

Give Emma a big hug and kiss from Aunt Kelly. This is just the beginning of many more bumps and bruises to come!