Saturday, January 10, 2009

Jon and Shannon

Derek's brother Jon and his wife Shannon came to Pekin to visit last week and boy did we have fun! We only get to see them a couple times a year since they live in Branson and Jon is a superstar there and all :o) I wanted to post all these pictures individually so I could comment on them but I couldn't figure out how to post more than 3 at a time so I just made a collage. you can click on it to see the pictures larger. Jack and Emma loved Jon and Shannon. Especially Jack though, for reals. He even slept with them at night! He did not leave Jon's side, which gave Derek and I a little break! We drank way too much and played lots of games. Our favorite was Apples to Apples - we will be getting this one. We played lots of American Idol on the Wii too. As you can see from the collage photo, my SIL Darcey thinks she is a superstar- whateva. We all know I am the real singer (and dancer) of the family! There is also a pic of the kids with Jon and Shannon - doing the robot. That is one of my Favorites. We had so many good memories this week, they will have to hold us over until we go to Branson this Spring.
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