Saturday, January 10, 2009


Finally, here are some pictures from Christmas. My kids really need more toys!! Jack had such fun opening presents this year. I think he is a little unsure of the whole Santa thing though. Emma just wanted the toys, but not really into opening the presents.
Christmas morning at our house. Derek and I got up early and got all ready and made Jack stay in bed for awhile until Emma woke up and we were all ready to open presents. I think this was the last year to get him to be patient!
After we opened presents at our house we went to Dereks Dad's house and had Christmas there. We had a great day - ate lots of good food too :o)
This picture is at my Mom's house - doesn't it look like it is out of a magazine? She has it decorated so nice.

Emma got a red retro kitchen and Jack got a Nintendo DS from Derek and I. Jack got games for his DS and for the Wii and more toys than he will ever play with and Emma got lots of "girlie" stuff - love it!!!
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