Thursday, October 2, 2008

Critter Gitter

So this morning I was picking up the hallway rug to wash it and look who was waiting for me! Now, it was huge. Kinda hard to tell from this pic, I didn't have much time to zoom as I left miss Emma in the hallway to fend for herself against this creature whilst I retrieved my camera - I have priorities people. In case you are wondering, my priority was to snap a pic for my new blog!! I was screaming the whole time. I used a brick to kill the sucker. Jack refused to look at it! Derek, tonight will you please use the bug spray that has been sitting out in the garage for a month? Puleez?!! I know, it was my own fault, what was I thinking actually cleaning the rug instead of my usual just cleaning the floor around it?!! Company tomorrow that's what.

Emma is soooooo crabbers today, nothing a little shot of Benadryl and a nap won't cure! I hope. I'll have to resort to alcohol if that doesn't work. For me, not her. Well, depends on how bad it is :o) I kid.
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