Wednesday, October 8, 2008

baby fever

Look who I got to watch this week, our friends Jason and Christina's son - Jaedin. He is so sweet. It is nice to hold a sweet little baby again. Also nice to send him home with his mama so she can be up with him all night :o) I sure don't miss that part! Emma was sooo jealous. She did not want me anywhere near him. Then we sat her down and let her hold him. She has been waiting to get her hands on him, maybe she thinks he is like one of her baby dolls (which she carries all the time). She liked holding him but she sure was happy he left! Jack loves him too. He is great with him.
I tried a new recipe to post but it didn't work out so good so hopefully I will post one tomorrow.
Emma had to get blood taken today so they did a finger prick and she did not even cry! She just let out a little whimper and then was just fine. What a brute!
Jack got his Halloween costume today - a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle. Not my choice. I wanted him to be a hot dog, but noooo. Geez, I wonder why?!
See ya!
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